Adult Stem Cells Treatment..Adult Stem cells are one of the most important advancements in modern medical science. Their potential

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Chemical dependency can be one of the hardest conditions to overcome. The battle is a physical, mental, and emotional one.

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Integrative cancer therapy (ICT) provides a personal, comprehensive and unique approach to oncology. We  to treat each cancer uniquely depending on the patient’s needs.

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New Frontiers of Medicine Academy

We Don’t Just Teach New Frontiers in Medicine— It’s How We Help Built Your Practice or Your Career!

How did we know back in 2008 that New Frontiers in Medicine will become reality?

Because only  a true Healthcare Reform can fix our healthcare crisis, our economy, the lives of the healthcare providers and consumers alike. Today the Internet and online learning has empowered Healthcare  providers (physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, nutritionists, social workers, OT,PT, EP and all other healthcare professionals), customers and clients to the point that medical “e-Learning” has become the smartest way to advance an integrative comprehensive Medical education.


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